Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Accommodations for Your Upcoming Vacation

9 November 2022
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If you are hoping to go on vacation sometime soon, then you might currently be in the process of doing some research to prepare for the trip. One thing that you should carefully research is your accommodation options. It's very important for you to pick the right place to stay when you travel. These are some of the reasons why it's so important for you to choose the right accommodations for your vacation, no matter where you're travelling to. Read More 

Top Tips When Choosing A Hotel Room

29 March 2021
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The truth is, many people book hotel rooms hurriedly. As such, they get disappointed when they realise that the hotel does not meet their standards. Below is a guide detailing the considerations that you should make when booking a hotel.  Check The Location Of The Hotel The hotel should be conveniently located. For instance, business travellers would want hotels located close to airports. It ensures that they do not miss their flights. Read More 

Using Your Hotel Dining Facilities to Keep Your Holiday Budget on Track

29 July 2016
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If you are heading out on a family holiday, it can be hard to keep the budget on track. Here are some ideas to help stay within the holiday budget by making great use of the hotel's dining facilities.  Look for a hotel deal with breakfast included Kids often love the options on a hotel buffet, so it can be great to make full use of the buffet breakfast option. Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, so it makes sense to make this a big meal and fill up on a range of options. Read More 

Hotels: 5 Things to Check When You Check-in

12 July 2016
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When you check into a hotel room after a long journey, the first thing you might want to do is flop straight down onto the bed or to jump into a hot shower. However, before you begin to relax, you should carry out a few simple checks to ensure your hotel room is up to scratch and that you will have a pleasant stay. Signs of Damage The first thing you should check upon entering your hotel room is for any signs of damage. Read More 

4 Benefits of Serviced Apartments Over Hotels When You’re Travelling With Children

27 June 2016
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If you're taking a holiday with your children, you're probably wondering which hotel you should book. However, have you taken the time to consider using a serviced apartment instead? Making the switch from hotel to serviced apartment comes with many benefits, especially for the travelling family. Here are just four. 1. Homier Environment Hotel rooms usually feature little more in the way of entertainment than a television. With a serviced apartment, you'll usually find DVDs, music systems, and possibly a few board games or even a computer. Read More